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What is Occupational Health?                                                                            aj01

Occupational Health is a type of medical service which aims to find out what impact work has on health with a view to making sure that individuals are fit to undertake their work, both physically and mentally. A health problem may or may not be due to work, but it may affect, or be made worse by, work.

Both business owners and their staff may benefit from a reliable, supportive and affordable Occupational Health service

What does FSB have available for its members?

FSB works in partnership with OccHealthNow Ltd t/a HealthyShoots to offer an Occupational Health service, designed specifically with the needs of smaller businesses in mind. Understanding that many small businesses may be new to Occupational Health, HealthyShoots provides additional support for FSB Members throughout the entire process.

Unlike other providers, the FSB Occupational Health Service offers members the choice of either pay as you go case management, or the more comprehensive annual retained service.

As well as the team at HealthyShoots, FSB members have access to a network of trusted Occupational Health practitioners from across the whole of the UK, who between them, cover a wide range of both specialist and generalist services. The FSB Occupational Health Service matches the individual case to the most appropriate practitioner available.

How does the FSB Occupational Health “pay as you go” case management service work?

The process is as follows:

1. STEP 1 Initial fact-finding call - FSB members can request an initial fact-finding phone call during which the team will ask questions about the situation to determine the best and most cost-effective options regarding onward specialist referral and support. The team will also outline what the possible outcomes are likely to be. There is no charge for the initial call, and no obligation to continue.

2. STEP 2 Registration on the HealthyShoots portal - If an onward referral is recommended at step 1, FSB members are invited to use the fully supported service, including access to a secure on-line portal. The cost of the service and use of the portal is £90 (inc. VAT).

3. STEP 3 Recommendation regarding referral– Via the portal, a more detailed fact find will take place enabling an informed assessment of the options and recommended clinicians to be made. The costs associated with the onward referrals will be provided.

4. STEP 4 Referral form and individual consent document completed – The fully supported service ensures that the clinician is given the right information on the referral form to ensure that the resulting assessment and report offers the best possible outcome and value for money. Any individual referred will need to give their consent and this is managed as part of the service.

5. STEP 5 Individual meets with the clinician – Generally these meetings will be virtual.

6. STEP 6 Referral Report management – The clinician writes a report with recommendations on how to proceed e.g., around reasonable adjustments. The team can advise on the implementation of the recommendations as well as signposting to potential funding for adjustments.

How does the FSB Occupational Health annual retained service work?

This new service has two features which members with concerns around sickness absence or simply a desire to offer additional focused health support, may find useful:

1. Unlimited use of the FSB Occupational Health Service advice line.

2. Unlimited access to the secure HealthyShoots portal for case management triage and support. The process for case management is outlined above.

3. Unlimited access to a range of employee questionnaires including:

a. New Starter Health – It’s good practice to offer employees a health assessment when they start a new job. The New Starter Health Questionnaire serves as a great opportunity for employees to advise their employer of any existing health issues or potential adjustments required in the workplace.

b. Stress Intervention – helpful for an employee who may become unwell due to stress. The questionnaire will enable the team to find out whether the reason is workplace stress allowing advise to be offered on mental health solutions

c. New and Expectant Mother (Maternity) – the HSE states that employers have a duty to protect pregnant workers and new mothers from any risks that could harm them or their babies. Employers must conduct a risk assessment to identify potential hazards and take appropriate actions to minimise risks. This questionnaire meets the standard employers need to achieve

d. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) in the office and home – one for home and one for the office, these questionnaires are extremely helpful, particularly for home workers.

e. Night Workers – employees that work after 11pm and before 7am must be offered a night worker health assessment

f. Working at Heights – its good practice to ensure that any employee working at height is physically fit to be able to do so and does not have any health issues that could increase the risk

Pricing for the retained service is as follows:

· Under 20 staff £300 (inc VAT)

· 20-50 staff £540 (inc VAT)

· >50 staff £720 (inc VAT)

There is no charge for the initial call, and no obligation to continue. In many cases advice will be offered and there will be no need for any service to be provided and its completely free to FSB members.

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