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Healthyshoots offers a number of questionnaires depending on your client’s needs:

New Starter Health

It’s good practice to offer new employees a health assessment when they first join a new workplace or start a new job or job role. Our New Starter Health Questionnaire is the most comprehensive in the UK but it serves as a great opportunity for employees to advise their employer of any existing health issues or potential adjustments required of the workplace. Covid proved that we know very little about the health of our employees.

The additional benefit of our questionnaires is that the employer can add their employee benefit or wellbeing solutions to the system so that when someone ticks that they have got a health issue the system will advise them of the benefit that has been put in place e.g a mental health issue like anxiety might raise the fact that the client has organised an Employee Assistance Programme.

New Starter Health (Education)

Same as the New Starter Health Questionnaire but specific to employees about to start work in schools.

Night Worker

Any employee working after 11am and before 6pm should be offered a Night Worker Health Assessment by their employer under the Working Time Directive. The benefit to both the employer and employee is to ensure that working night is not aggravating any health issues the employee may have.

Display System Equipment (Office)

Any employee working behind a VDU via a PC or Laptop should be offered a DSE assessment by their employer to consider whether any adjustments are required and to ensure the workstation etc is set up correctly.

Display System Equipment (Home)

Same as the DSE (Office) but with some additional questions surrounding working from home. Even though the employee may have opted to work from home the employer is still required to ensure the health and safety of their employee.

New and Expectant Mother

All new and expectant mothers should receive a health risk assessment on a regular basis from their employee to ensure that any reason why the mother or baby could be harmed are mitigated.


Whilst this questionnaire has been designed to create data and structure for the employer, it has also been designed as an opportunity to enable the employer to remind the employee of any wellbeing solutions that may have been organised to support absent employees eg 24/7 GP or Online Physio.

Workplace Health Risk Review

One of the recommendations from New Starter Questionnaires is that employers might need to ask employees whether the workplace is aggravating any health issues that the employee might have recorded at the outset of employment. The Workplace Health Risk Review takes away that responsibility from the employee by asking the right questions for them.

Occupational Wellbeing

Employers very rarely ask their employees about their health or wellbeing once they have been employed. Our OH Wellbeing Questionnaire looks at issues such as mental health but also cuts across resilience and even how well supported the employee feels at work. It’s a very useful tool to enable employers to decide on not just a wellbeing strategy but also how they may wish to spend any wellbeing budget.

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