Occ Health Management Referral 'Triage'

A completely new way of looking at OH Referrals to ensure the best outcome for both employers and employees!

You can now talk to one of our Occupational Health Experts at OccHealthNow and discuss an employee OH or absence case via the Healthyshoots Portal.

OccHealthNow will triage your case and recommend the best solution and provider for you.

What does the triage involve?

  • Conducted via a telephone appointment with one of our experts.
  • You will be offered best advice which may include suggesting the most appropriate provider, for example a back pain case might mean we recommend an OH physiotherapist or a specialist mental health practitioner for a mental health issue such as anxiety.
  • We have built a network of providers over 20 years.
  • Once recommended, you will work with the provider directly, but we will hand hold you through the process to ensure you receive the best outcome.
  • No provider can be perfect for every type of case so independent triage is vital.

Our experience reveals that this more versatile solution is producing excellent outcomes for our clients.

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