Why it helps us to work with Employee Benefit Providers

Very few employees suddenly go from 'perfectly healthy' to 'unhealthy and absent' overnight. Other than very rare illnesses the only real example of that happening has been Covid!

Generally, what happens is - an employee gets a few tweaks in the neck and then it builds into a neck pain that can start to effect sleep and needs some form of intervention or time-off work. It's the same with many mental health issues; anxiety can be triggered by an event (often related to family or home) and is then exacerbated by issues like workplace stress until it becomes an issue that needs support.

OccHealthNow are used to dealing with the tail-end of these issues, when clients ask us to organise OH Management Referrals to try to find out how they can get employees back to work after an absence, or whether they need to make any adjustments to the workplace, to avoid the employee health issue getting worse.

But the Healthyshoots portal is all about helping the employees get on top of their health issues before they get too bad and need an OH Management Referral.

In nearly all situations, whether it be the OH questionnaires within the Healthyshoots portal, or the outcomes from the OH Management Referral Triage, clients are informing our team of OH issues, where they need support from solutions such as EAP, 24/7 GP, Online physio etc.

So, it makes sense to us to work with Employee Benefit Providers, to offer an OH service to their clients, that ultimately the Employee Benefit Provider may be able to offer more solutions to.

Thats why you won't find us, if you are an HR Director by just searching online. We want to support the clients of Employee Benefit Providers that introduce OH business to us.

We want to provide an exclusive service to Employee Benefit Providers because our solutions support each other.

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